The Breadcrumbs and iTovi 

I have said before that I do my best to follow the breadcrumb trail God leaves for me. I come to him daily — sometimes hourly — for my daily bread, and He has not led me astray yet. 

As I yearned for deeper understanding, and as He’s readied me to receive it, the doors have been opened effortlessly. I no longer feel like I’m clawing to get what I desire. When what I desire is aligned with His will, who He has called me to be and what He has called me to do, it is like the universe opens up and delivers to me the right people, circumstances, invitations and resources. It has been nothing short of miraculous to witness. 

I have shared with you about my iTovi scans before. I marveled over the accuracy at which the results conveyed my lifestyle choices, emotions, thoughts, physical needs. As I used the products it suggested I was even more awestruck at the results I was seeing because they were truly tailored to the frequencies my body was emitting. It was like the ‘bespoke fit’ I’ve mentioned that was the catalyst for this blog! 

In fact, I was so impressed that I purchased my own iTovi, not to build my YL business but for personal use on myself, friends and family. Since it has arrived I have witnessed some truly amazing results when working with people on their scans. 

Most people want to debunk why they’re scanning for what. And I enjoy that aspect too. The more awareness we can cultivate, the more education we can seek, the more growth we can sustain. So I wanted to give you all a peek at three scans and play a “why the products correspond with the person scanning” game — this is NOT medical diagnostics, just some deductive reasoning done with the friends and family requesting scans!


This is a scan of a 21-year-old male. His work schedule fluctuates but tends to include night shifts so his sleep patterns are off. His diet is mainly composed of fast food and soda. He spends the majority of his waking hours, when not at work, secluded, playing video games, and he has mysterious open sores on his legs and other uncomfortable areas. He has a very sweet but nervous demeanor, a sheepish smile and deep circles under his eyes. He also struggles with blemishes. 

It is always a little saddening when I see SARA come up in the results, especially when it could resolve the most biopoints. SARA stands for “Sexual Abuse Ritual Abuse”, and was created with the specific intention of clearing toxic emotions surrounding abuse. This friend is carrying around so much extra weight with whatever emotional traumas he has encountered that it is all he can do to function. When all of your energy is sucked up by something like that, you have little reserves left over to truly thrive — to pursue your dreams, or creative endeavors or friendships. I can speak about this competently because I too have lived it. By scanning for SARA, iTovi is telling me that if we worked on emotional release using that essential oil blend we could potentially resolve 53 biopoints — energy blockades — that would be finally be freed up. 

The result for Elemi wasn’t too surprising because of the skin difficulties he’s been having. Elemi is traditionally used for supporting healthy skin function, especially in areas that are difficult and not responding to other oils. It is in the same family as Frankincense and historically was used as an ingredient in ointments for hundreds of years. 

Many of my recent scans have been popping up with both Elemi, Ledum and some sort of EO or product related to rest — like Valerian, RutaVala or SleepEssence. Ledum is very supportive of the lymphatic and endocrine system. Diet, lifestyle and discomfort all point to a lot of built up toxins and imbalanced hormones which you can see manifest in a myriad of ways but not uncommonly in acne, problems with weight management, sluggishness, brain fog. To top it all off, many lifestyles today aren’t restful, and don’t allow for the time it takes to heal and rejuvenate the body. We’re overtaxing our bodies and then surprised when they start to protest! 

Cypress is wonderfully supportive of the circulatory system. You should do some research about the benefits of this one. 

Lastly I thought it was so sweet that he scanned for Valor II. This young man is at the prime of his life! His biopoints are literally requesting aide in what his heart longs for — what every 21-year-old male could use: confidence, courage, self-empowerment, self-esteem, inspiration, balance. 


This scan is from a bubbly, intelligent 15-year-old girl who plays music in an orchestra. She buries herself in her phone often, but it takes little to coerce her to be social. She makes off remarks about things being lame but hopes you don’t agree with her. Her diet is high in sugar and junk food, including pop. 

Why is Dragon Time so significant? Because it was blended for her! Do a google image search for Dragon Time essential oil and you tell me what woman wouldn’t want to give their 15-year-old selves a bottle. Hint: the name of the blend is a reference to particular times of the month women turn into dragons. Not only teens benefit, of course. I love Clary Sage, Fennel, Marjoram and Jasmine as a postpartum mama. 

Not only is there already Marjoram in Dragon Time, but she’s scanning for it separately as well. That’s some major Marjoram! Excellent for endocrine support, the Romans called Marjoram “the happy herb”. Remember, your endocrine system is responsible for monthly cycles as well. 

How sweet that she’s scanning for Friends. If you haven’t heard of the Oola wheel yet, today is your lucky day. We won’t go into in depth here, but it’s all about balance. The Infused 7 kit of “oola”-enhancing blends help support whatever area in your life — Family, Faith, Friends, Field, Fitness, Finance, and Fun — needs it most. Of course a 15-year-old girl would scan for Friends!

The next three oils are toxin-battling warriors. I use Cistus on my lower back to support my urinary system while drinking lots and lots of water. Spearmint and Melrose work on behalf of the lymphatic system. 

Lastly, Relieve It is great for lower back discomfort. Hmm, when, as a woman do I feel lower back discomfort? It’s also a great blend post-workout. 

 This scan is so feminine and age-appropriate. I love it. 


This is a scan from a friend in her sixties whose mother sadly just passed away. This is a prime example of what Rhonda Favano exemplifies in her book “Conquering Toxic Emotions“, where emotional distress is undeniably linked to our physiological responses. 

The other two scans we looked at predominately showed oils that support specific body system functioning — and this one does too, as you see the Elemi and Ledum once again. Most even more important for this friend is an emotionally supportive oil: Forgiveness. Like SARA, the blend Forgiveness was made to support healthy emotional release. The singles list in this blend are staggering — rose, Angelica, melissa, sandalwood, bergamot… do some research of your own about the individual oils that make up Forgiveness. It’s truly a special, and powerful blend. 

My friend then scans for two supplements made by Young Living. Oh, you thought we only had essential oils?! YL is a lifestyle, friends. We want everything back in harmony. Many of the supplements do have essential oils within them. CortiStop is particularly supportive of the glandular systems in women. What do our bodies produce lots of when we’re under stress? Cortisol. CortiStop. Hmmmm. 

PD 80/20 — pregnenolone and DHEA, two substances that decline naturally as you age. Look em up, especially you women readers. 

If you haven’t been following my blog at all, you’re probably thoroughly confused. Scan? iTovi? Oils? Huh? 
Hopefully you’re also intrigued. Curiosity is what got me where I am! 

iTovi is a biofeedback scanner built around bioimpedence technology. Like the FitBit bracelets or any other device that gives you real time info about your body. I have synced my device with my Young Living inventory and your body responds to which product it shares a frequency with — and therefore would most likely benefit from. It’s proven, accurate and so much fun. My 11-month-old son, husband and myself hey scanned daily. 

If you’re a YL member and interested in getting one of these bad boys for yourself, please consider using my link! If you’re not a YL member yet, head over to their website and use my sponsor/enroller number (3690470) to sign up. 


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