Dr. Mama, Day 3

Well, a virus is still a virus and must run its course. I start with this because in my new exuberance with oils for some reason I thought all I had to do was use the oils and elderberry syrup and Jackson would be cured within hours. The same happens when you’ve prayed for something diligently and you’re sure that it’s going to come through and for whatever reason it’s not in God’s timing even though it’s in yours.

I spoke to a friend this morning who has been using Young Living essential oils for over 10 years. She is also a Dr. Mama. “Be confident in the tools that you have and listen to the Father,” she reminded me. “He told us to ‘be anxious for nothing’ – rest and believe.”

And anxious I was! I was actually telling Jackson that I missed him. This persistently upset, weepy, irritable baby was just so out of character for him. We were both just so miserable. 

But, her words really hit home — I was a nervous wreck, doubting my intuition and the path I had chosen. She reminded me that J could feel everything I was carrying around: doubt, anxiety, restlessness. Do those sound like healing words? No. Because they’re not. 

As I’ve had some less than pleasant and/or reassuring visits with MDs throughout my life, she had to remind me that it’s not a bad idea (or a failure) to go a doctor for diagnostic purposes even if you don’t take given recommendations of medication. For example, it’s good to know when something is viral or bacterial. She cautioned me though not to go to the doctor out of fear, but out of confidence. I am sure and certain that this is a viral infection that has been floating around, but I also want to be vigilant that it doesn’t turn into something really nasty. I didn’t yet feel like a doctor’s visit was necessary, but we both agreed that it was time to pull out the big oily guns. 

 As I am new to the game, the only other oil I have aside from those that come in the starter kit is Peace & Calming, and I had already run out of my lemon and lavender EOs. As my friend lives in Texas, she sent her nearby mom (also a YLEO user for 10+ years) over with backup: the raindrop essentials and lemon vitality. Thank you oily friends who are there in times of desperate need.

My friend then gave me a couple of tips from her experience — remedies that she has used on infants, let alone an 8-month-old,  and assured me are 100% safe.

 First, Raindrop Therapy on his feet. As I mentioned in my last post I apply oils neat to his feet — even “hot” oils – with no negative repercussions. Raindrop is a technique that Gary Young created that is full of serious benefits. You can Google it for more information as my blog posts already tend to be miles long, but let’s just summarize it by saying it works. You are essentially layering EOs (typically along the spine on adults) in a particular order, waiting about 3 minutes between each oil. 

The first oil in the process is a YL proprietary blend called Valor. I had heard a lot about this oil and was excited just to smell it let alone use it. To me it smelled like candy… like something I’d been missing my whole life. Like the essence of sweet. But it’s not actually a sweet smell. Valor is made up of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy and Frankincense oils. Not only is it therapeutic in the Raindrop therapy on a biophysical level, but it is also beneficial for the emotions and nerves. It’s calming, uplifting, encouraging. You’ll just have to sniff for yourself to understand what I mean. 

From Valor (and this blog post is NOT MEANT as a guide on how to do a Raindrop treatment!) you then layer Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Wintergreen, Peppermint and lastly another blend called Aroma Siez. 

So as I layered the oils over a 30min. period on J’s feet, we read and nursed. He fell asleep by Marjoram. 

I should mention at this point I am also starting to feel a little unwell… you know, that scary scratchy throat feeling? After reading about all of these oils in my pocket reference guide I decided to use Aroma Siez, neat, on my neck. Immediately a warmth spread over my throat and the scratchy feeling when I swallowed was gone. What is in this magic? Basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, and cypress essential oils. I’m in love. 

I followed up with Mama B’s non-alcoholic Hot Toddie (recipe below) and am happy to report a general sense of wellbeing. Is that to say I won’t still get sick? Who knows, my sick baby has been sneezing and coughing and drooling on me for three days now. But the discomfort has, for now, been alleviated, and I know the oils are working on my behalf to reestablish homeostasis, so regardless, it’s a win. 

 Mama B’s (Non-Alcoholic) Hot Toddie

1Tb raw, organic honey (local is preferred)

2 drops Lemon Vitality essential oil

2 drops Copaiba essential oil

8oz. hot water 

Stir and drink up!

I have also been applying Frankincense neat to J’s chest as he’s dealing with a cough, and I took him before tonight’s mass to be anointed with oil by the priest (Sacrament of Anointing the Sick). Can you say #ALLTHEOILS? I love that my faith incorporates such a tangible mode of healing. My eyes teared up as the visiting priest made the oily symbol of the cross across J’s forehead. I just was flooded with belief that he would be healed. 

Fast forward to about 7pm when J takes a random before-bedtime nap. The Raindrop oils were applied around 3pm. When he wakes up at 8:30pm or so, my boy is back. He is crawling around, happy. His eyes are no longer weepy and red. He still is leaking snot, with a slight cough but nothing like the condition he was in throughout the day. He just looks well. Better. I am a believer. 

Lastly I should mentioned that my friend also recommended making EO rectal suppositiories using coconut oil. I remember my dad — Dr. Bob, an OB/GYN-midwife beloved by his community — storing Phenergan suppositories in our fridge anytime someone became super nauseas, so this wasn’t an outlandish idea to me. Also, I had just got done reading in the pocket reference the same suggestion, especially for women with yeast infections or UTI’s. It is the quickest uptake route to get the chemical constituents of the essential oils into your blood stream. We haven’t had to go there yet, but I thought I’d mention it without any apprehension of using it in the future. 

While we’re on the rectal topic, I’d also like to add that ever since beginning this oil regimen with Jackson his BM’s have been much more smoother and regular. J has dealt with gas problems since birth, which I attribute to my taking Viibryd during pregnancy and while breastfeeding which has gastrointestinal side effects (that don’t affect me). At first the gas got worse before it got better.. but then he was obviously eliminating some stuff that had been backed up for awhile. We went from one seriously thick poop every 5ish days to three normal looking poops within a 2 day span. Do I have scientific proof for you? No. But a mama just knows when something has changed in their baby, and why. 

So that’s my oily update. Sometimes the oils you have in your arsenal aren’t enough. And sometimes the knowledge you have also just isn’t enough. That’s why I also love Young Living — it comes with an oily sisterhood that reminds me of something from primal times, where women aided one another with their folk remedies, plant tinctures and well-living suggestions. This is a healthy, prospering community that genuinely cares about one another. Seriously, her mom came over and brought me like $300 worth of oils to borrow to help heal my son. That’s trust, that’s commitment, that’s sacrifice, love and faith. My heart and my body felt healed today. I refuse to move forward in doubt and anxiety any further. I am accepting and submitting to total belief. What an exciting journey! 


4 thoughts on “Dr. Mama, Day 3

  1. Oddly enough, this is how I feel about knitting — I love teaching other women and something about doing so feels powerful, like I’m passing down this knowledge that doesn’t have a monetary value but rather a social and emotional one. I’ve been loving reading your blog!


    1. Audra, you might be interested in knowing that I began a knitting club — The Old Women’s Club — not only while in high school at TSAS but also at my international school in France! We would get together at a coffee shop; someone would bring a baked good; sometimes we would volunteer or garden together. The funniest part was I’m not even that good at knitting! But I still love it.

      I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my blog! Thanks for letting me know!


  2. Yay! I wondered what the oils were for raindrop. I used that on bub the other day (I still have raindrop in a bottle left). seems to have helped. I may do raindrop on sis for her nose now.

    side note. one thing I LOVE for yeast infections is garlic clove up your hooha! it works like a charm!
    Xxoo thanks for the blog!


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