Dr. Mama To the Rescue!

My sweet 8-month-old has come down with a tiny cold, and I feel wholly equipped to handle it with my new oily arsenal and homemade elderberry syrup. I’ve been seeing FB statuses that all of my friend’s little ones have been sick recently, so I had time to prepare myself. After one hellacious night last night, I kicked it into full Dr. Mama B gear:

Mama B took one (preventative) tablespoon of elderberry syrup. Jackson gets 1tsp. every 2-3 hours that he’s symptomatic. 

We are diffusing Young Living’s Purification blend in our bedroom. It contains citronella, lemongrass, lavandin, rosemary, tea tree and myrtle essential oils which includes naturally occurring therapeutic compounds like cineol, neral and geranium. Do a PubMed.gov search for yourself to see research on how these compounds benefit the health. #science #plantmagic

As that diffuses we take a 20-30min hot shower together. This is just so sweet because Jackson rests his face against my breast as I rock and sway under the water. . We both nearly fall asleep. But that would be dangerous so instead we bundle up in my giant terry cloth robe and head to bed. We also gently mine for boogies at this time to avoid the angst over digging out hardened ones later.

I put one drop of Thieves, neat (undiluted) on the bottom of J’s feet, and cover with socks. This is at every Dr. Mama’s own descretion as some kiddos skin is much more sensitive than others, and Thieves has been known as a “hot” blend. For us, one drop neat on the feet has never caused any adverse reactions. Thieves contains clove, lemon peel, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata (did you know there’s like 6 different types of therapeutic-grade Eucalyptus YL essential oils??), and rosemary essential oils. PubMed the crap out of all of those chemical constituents. Here are some keywords if you’re a research buff: eugenol, beta-caryophyllene, l-limonene, trans-cinnamaldehyde, alpha-pinene.

Lastly, when the teething, fever and cold symptoms overcome him and he’s so upset he can’t sleep even though we’re ALL exhausted: Peace & Calming and/or Copaiba to the rescue. I use one smidge of Copaiba neat on his gumline where the new teeth are pushing through OR I use a calendula oil base and a couple of drops of Peace & Calming and massage his back and chest as he nurses and drifts off (Dr. Mama then rubs the rest onto her chest because who doesn’t need more peace and calming when they’re a mama?) One of these two solutions is bound to work. 

I actually just created a Peace & Calming-Lavender bath soak the other day using 2 cups of Epsom Salts and 1 cup of baking soda, with a couple drops of both EOs. As the tub is filling I sprinkle a ½ cup in. Jackson laid on my belly and nursed throughout the duration of the hot bath while it was snowing the other day. Is there anything warmer for the insides? Simply divine. 

Another trick of mine is gentle tapping on J’s forehead, chest or belly. When he’s crying uncontrollably the forehead tap works best (right between his eyes). It just snaps him out of it and gently lulls him back into a calm state. Roger him to go back to sleep after stirring I gently pat pat the belly; for fast breathing and an inability to sit still I tap his chest. I know it sound strange, but it works. 

We also cut back on J’s solid food intake and exclusively breast feed for a few days so his body doesn’t have to do any extra work to process food and can solely focus on recovering. We offer him filtered water regularly which he’ll drink deeply from when thirsty. And lastly we try to keep stimulation to a minimum. Low lights, low sounds, staying indoors with quiet toys or books. No movies, music, visitors, etc etc. 

This tends to work for us to beat the cold blues in minimum time with minimum symptoms. What do you do in your house? 


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